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Excellent resources designed to bring people into Christian liberty

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Pat Zukeran is an excellent online resource on these subjects.

In this linked article we think that 7 of the 8 defining signs he speaks about are present in SMC.







Recommend in particular this astonishingly relevant article:

Jezebel Spirit Controlling Institutional Church People








The part of The Cult Awareness and Information Library relating to controlling churches




For those who are serious about understanding these issues this is very solid Biblical study of how things get to this point. Especially note the commonly existing connection in section 14.3 between Legalism, Mysticism and Asceticism.  If the shoe fits........

ALSO there are excellent articles in this section of this site exposing those who claim to be “Super Apostles”.







A very apt chapter quoted on the Rick Ross forum which draws the connection between mysticism, control, purity, confession, treating “revealed” doctrine as unquestionable, language abuse, putting the organisation ahead of people and what might either be called “death to self” or losing ones identity as it becomes merged with the organisation.

Few could successfully argue these things are not spoken of and present in the teaching of Struthers Church. Therefore it is alarming to note that this study is based on how people were abused by totalitarian government in China. Let the reader understand.







The sources of spiritual authority by Ken Blue

Quote from  this article:” The problem with abusive authority in Jesus' time, much like it is in our time, was that the scribes and the Pharisees took for themselves the seat of Moses, which was an office of respect by the Jewish people. From this lofty position they then spoke "from God" to the people. They were, because of their perceived position, able to mislead and abuse the Jewish people.”









Further Reading





The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse: Recognizing and Escaping Spiritual Manipulation and False Spiritual Authority Within the Church

by David Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderen (2005)



In our view the best textbook on this subject, which has brought relief from suffering, liberation and freedom to many.





Twisted Scriptures: Breaking Free from Churches That Abuse

by Mary Alice Chrnalogar (2010)



There are excellent checklists which, if completed honestly, will show you if anything is wrong in a church when compared to biblical norms.





Exposing Spiritual Abuse: How to Rediscover God's Love When the Church Has Let You Down

by Mike Fehlauer (2001)



A book which has health and well balanced teaching on every page.

Chapter 5 “Touch not my anointed”  exposes the abusive use made of that verse by leaders who want there to be no circumstances in which they are subject to any accountability.





Toxic Churches: Restoration from Spiritual Abuse

by Marc Dupont (2004)



Have you given your time, money and talents to the Body of Christ only to find yourself hurting, frustrated or confused?





Mere Christianity



by C.S.Lewis




Highlights the need to recognise and face up to the challenges and questions faced by the Christian and the church. CS Lewis shows by example that leaders must stand in the gap and answer questions with honesty rather than avoid the difficult process of engagement with God’s Word leading to new understanding and change. A call to grow up.





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what has been done will be done again;

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 Ecclesiastes 1:9