Who is this web site intended for ?









This site is dedicated with love and sympathy to all those who have ever been left with unanswered questions by the leadership of Struthers Memorial Church.







This web site and these articles are intended for:




  • Those who have left Struthers Memorial Church over the last 30 years and want a better understanding and perspective on what happened to them and why.


  • Those currently banned from attending Struthers Memorial Church services.


  • Those who are newly in contact with Struthers Memorial Church and are looking for information about the church, its teachings, beliefs and practices. We think you should learn all that you can about these things.  


  • The Struthers Memorial Church leadership. You may not like what is on this web site but for some reason, not addressing the questions we are raising here has been very important to you. Important enough for you to let many people leave your church over the years dissatisfied and upset.  


  • Anyone who thinks the truth matters and feels that it is actually quite important for churches to be able to clearly and openly justify church policy, conduct and beliefs from the Bible.


  • Those who are prepared to read, think and consider.






We recognise the right of any interested person to become involved in the discussions on this web site.


However, because of the subject matter,  we would make it a requirement that no one will have the right to be involved in this discussion unless they participate on the basis that all contributors respect each other as Christian adults.


This allows for the exchange of differing views without childish intimidation, or threats of divine condemnation. Your dad is not bigger than our dad - we have the same dad and he loves us both.



If you are not able to participate in a discussion with adults you do not control, then this is no place for you.